, Married 7/2012

We met on POF four years ago last week; yesterday we celebrated thrity-three wonderful months of wedded bliss! I emailed her and she responded pretty quickly, we messaged here, then texted, then - after several hours of communicating - finally talked late that night .... for over two hours. We talked off and on most of the next day, We met the third day with a real sense that this could something very special, and have pretty much been inseparable ever since! We just seem perfect for each other and have been through more in four years than many will go through in forty; job changes, the loss of my dad, raising teens, and three surgeries. Complications from my surgery led to me actually being dead for five minutes ... but I had waited too long for her to leave so soon; and my wonderful wife has nursed me back physically, mentally, and emotionally! Each of these situations with the very real potential to drive couples apart have served only to drive us closer together. We have bought a boat and love to fish together, go for drives, both love to cook (and like the same foods prepared and seasoned the same way), and can be absolutely happy doing most anything, or nothing at all. She is my personal nurse and I am her handyman; we are fishing and boating buddies, travel partners, and the best friend each other has ever had. We have learned first hand not to take life for granted and how to appreciate and live each and every day to it's fullest; and look forward to doing just that for years to come!