, Married 6/2014

Steve's and Rania's Love Story: Became fb friends 2/2/12 First date 2/4/12 Bf/Gf 4/14/12 Moved in together 5/18/13 Engaged 11/11/13 Married 6/7/14 I was on plenty of fish for only 2 weeks and the day I was about to delete my account I get a simple message from Steve saying "hey little lady". I had gotten a lot of messages from other guys that had lots of content but Steves message sort of stuck out to me. I decided to respond to him and we moved our conversations to Facebook. Within two days of messaging and texting we decided to meet up for sushi and drinks. From that day on we have been inseparable and he was the first and only person I'd ever met offline. If I hadn't given the online dating thing a try I would've never met my soulmate!