Jimena & Marc, Married 7/2013

I had Iost hope that there would be anyone in the world that would fit my lifestyle. And one day I said to myself, I should at least believe that there is someone for me. I started saying every morning and every time before going to sleep “I know you are there…” As things don’t come from nowhere, I followed my friend’s advice and made my profile on pof, it took me the courage to make a well explained profile of myself, talking about my dreams, my lifestyle and my deepest truths. I was the one searching… I found Marc’s profile with gorgeous pictures of the mountains, his hiking trips… As soon as I messaged him, he replied back. I was living in Yucatan, Mexico, and he in Vancouver. From out 3rd online date, we wouldn’t miss even one day to speak. We started meditating and doing yoga in the mornings together. His 4am, my 6am, then lunch together, and long talks before bed time. I traveled to Vancouver on June 26th, and we got married on July 7th. He went to Mexico to meet my family on December 2013, and I moved to Vancovuer on January, 2014. I am so happy, and glad to see myself in a beautiful relationship, which is based on love and trust. I bless the day I met him, and bless him for his deep commitment and of course POF, the platform that allowed us to connect from different countries. We are building our dreams together, and enjoying a loving married life.